Baylor Biogeochemistry Brownbag Meeting Schedule
Day: Thursdays
Time: 11:30 AM – 12:30 PM
Room: E414

Date Discussion Leader Topic

Feb 9 - Zack Valdez: Effects of agricultural practices (fertilizer and harvest rates) upon the energy availability in soil organic matter

Feb 23 – Todd Longbottom: Oxidative weathering of ancient sedimentary organic matter, genesis of modern soils, and implications for global biogeochemical cycles of C & O.

Mar 2 – Cong Jin: Meteoric diagenesis of Chinle Sandstones at PEFO: a climate signature

Mar 16 - Baylor Geological Society Brownbag, Nate Ball of Pioneer Natural Resources, "Subsurface Development in a Conventional Reservoir. A Lower Wilcox (Paleocene) Case Study".

Mar 23 – Dr. James Fulton: Compound specific N-15 isotope ratio analysis of pigments and membrane lipids: Biogeochemical utility and analytical challenges

Apr. 6 - Dr. Steve Dworkin:Stable carbon isotope fractionation between respired carbon dioxide and bulk soil organic matter: Implications for terrestrial paleoclimate studies

Apr 13 – Owen Craven: Relationships between organic matter structure, maturity, mineralogy and oil composition determined through hydrous pyrolysis

April 20 – Dr. Thad Scott: Ecological stoichiometry & biogeochemistry

Apr. 27 – Dr. Nathaniel Adegboyega: Topic TBA