Professor Hockaday

Postdoctoral Scientists

Dr. Nathaniel Femi Adegboyega (Ph.D)

Current Graduate Students

Zack Valdez (Ph.D.)
Todd Longbottom (PhD)
Owen Craven (MS)

Undergraduate Researchers

Eugenie Schieve (B.A. Environmental Science)

Group Alumni

Research / Thesis Topic

Current Employer

Dr. Rixiang Huang
Postdoc, 2014
Synthesis and spectro/chemical analysis of biochars, hydrochars, and their aqueous leachates
Georgia Institute of Technology
Dr. Nelson van der Velde
Postdoc (2013 - 2014)
Gas Chromatographic analysis of aqueous liquids (pyroligneous acids) from the pyrolytic conversion of biomass to bio-oils
Buckman Laboratories, Houston, TX
(specialty chemicals for water treatment)
Dr. Kshetrimayum Jugeshwar Singh
Postdoc (2012 - 2013)
Nuclear Magnetic Resonance Spectroscopy study of the plant biomass pyrolysis products: bio-oils and bio-chars
Indian Institute of Science, Assistant Professor, Experimental Physics
Bangalore, India
Nicolas Cestari
B.S. Geology, May 2013
Developing a Paleo-vegetation Proxy: n-Alkane Biomarkers Along a Forest to Grassland Transition in Central Texas
University of Kansas, M.S. Geology, 2015
Occidental Petroleum Corporation
Creighton Meyers
B.S. Geology, 2014
Methods for Sampling Riverine Suspended Particulate Matter: Implications for the Carbon Cycle of the Brazos River
University of Texas, San Antonio, Graduate Student
Rebecca Davis
B.S. Geology, 2014
An Investigation of Charcoal Carbon Stability in Soils Using 13C NMR Spectroscopy and 14C Radiocarbon Dating

Charlie Keracik
B.S. Geology, 2014
Assessing the Source Rock Potential Using Solid-State 13C NMR Organic Geochemical Approaches
Texas Technical University, Graduate Student
Justin Von Bargen (M.S.)
M.S. Geology, May 2013
Charcoal Chemistry: Developing a Proxy for Paleo-fire Regimes
Pioneer Natural Resources, Fort Worth, TX
Gabriel Moreira
foreign exchange student
lab technician

Visiting Scientists (funded by NSF EAR 1132124)

Dr. Evan Kane - Michigan Technical University / United States Forest Service
Dr. Jessica Miesel - Michigan State University
Dr. Erik Gulbranson - University of Wisconsin, Milwaukee
Dr. Anna McBeath - James Cook University, Queensland, Australia
Madeleine Stone - University of Pennsylvania
Dongmei He - Nanjing Forestry University / Texas A&M University

Terrestrial Paleoclimate Research Group

Rice Biochar Research Group