Owen Craven

Graduate Student
Email: Owen_Craven@baylor.edu


M.S. Geology Candidate, Baylor University, 2016 - Present
B.S. Geology, Magna Cum Laude, Brigham Young University, 8/09-12/09, 1/12-5/16
Minor: Chemistry

Research Interests

I am interested in the roles and transformations of carbon through geologic time and in different geologic/environmental systems. Currently, I am researching catagenesis or kerogen "cracking" reactions which are the reactions responsible for oil formation. Using hydrous pyrolysis reactors, I am simulating natural oil formation by maturing organic rich sediments and biofuel feedstocks to produce petroleum products. These controlled reactions allow me to characterize reactants and products at different stages across the oil-forming window. The experimental data will be used to quantify relationships between kerogen structure, mineralogy, maturity, and oil quality. These relationships will help elucidate catagenesis reactions and aid in developing oil-formation models helping both traditional oil & gas companies as well as biofuel companies.

Previous Research

  • Modeled the relationship between bond valence and bond energy to aid in predictions of reactivity and structure for minerals and molecules.
  • Developed a time-series snow accumulation database for Antarctica and used the database to spatially relate Antarctic weather systems and snow accumulation through time.
  • Estimated Indonesian earthquake magnitudes and locations from historical earthquake records.


Bickmore, B., Craven, O., Wander, M., Checketts, H., Whitmer, J., Shurtleff, C., Yeates, D., Ernstrom, K., Andros, C., Thompson, H., 2017, Bond Valence and Bond Energy: American Mineralogist, v. 102, p. 804-812.
  • This paper was featured in a "Highlights and Breakthroughs" note in the following month. See Brown, I. D. (2017) Two ways of looking at chemical bonding, American Mineralogist, 102, p. 928.