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Office phone# 254-710-2504
My current position as a research assistant in Dr. Hockaday's lab under the TIEEES program allows me to explore the interdisciplinary nature of science and learn how I can utilize multiple disciplines (Biology, Chemistry, Geology, etc...) to study environmental issues. Our current research involves the effects of differing agricultural practices (e.g. nitrogen fertilizer application rates, harvesting frequency) on the quality and sustainability of Switchgrass cropping for bioenergy.


2004- 2010 St. Mary's University, San Antonio TX
B.S. Engineering Science
B.S. Applied Physics
minor: Mathematics
Research: Nitrogen Powered Vehicles, Vehicle Routing Problems, Recycling Optimization and Implementation
Outside Research:
Science Teacher and Researcher Investigator through Standford Univ. REU
Asian Long Range Transport of Mercury Analysis GRASP

Work Experience

2007- 2010 Pre-Freshman Engineering Program San Antonio, TX **PREP**
Mentor and Teacher for Logic and Introduction to Engineering classes for local summer students
2011 Southwest Research Institute San Antonio, TX SWRI
Data Analyst and Engineer